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  • Fuu fuu fuu! Here's my li'l section that I get to blab about whatever I want. WaaaaaHoooooo!!

  • 6/24/01
    Sigh... Once again, I'm in a drawing slump. I'm still in that never-ending quest to find my very own style. I just don't know... why is it so hard for me? I guess it's because I like so many different styles, the shoujo style, the realistic style, the simplistic style, etc, that I can't make my mind which style I want to draw in. This doesn't make much sense does it? Hmmm..... I think that maybe I shouldn't concentrate too much on my style right now, it's the drawing itself that I need to work on. Although a lot of people think that I'm good enough to go pro (thanks guys!) and keep telling me that my artwork so really great, I know myself that I have a lot of things to work on. For example, I still have trouble drawing poses and mostly hands. I can draw faces, but I'm not satisfied with just that. I need to practice, practice and practice even more.  I love drawing so much, I don't think I can ever give it up! *Suika gets a determined look in her eyes*