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I luv cute!! ^_^

NAME: Do you mean in real life? :P

ALIAS: Suika AKA: li'l Suika, Suki, Sui, monkeygurl (nicknames ^^;), mei-chan (old alias) and yes, my name does mean "watermelon" ^_^

AGE: Somewhere between 1 - 50

B-DAY: Feb. 20

GENDER: Girl, I think you can tell by just looking at my art :)

LOCATION: Somewhere, anywhere

I.Q: Dah.... I'm smart enough! ^_^

HOBBIES: Drawing, watching Anime, reading and buying lots of manga, drooling over bishounen ^_^;;, watching Hong Kong Dramas/T.V. Serials/Movies (can't live w/o them), starting new homepages n stuff.

HATES: Hentai/Ecchi *ew!!*, fish, seafood *yuuuuk!!*, bugs, oldie stuff, school, work, math, anything that involves me using my brain.

FAVORITE ANIME/MANGA:Magic Knight Rayearth, Vision of Escaflowne, KamiKaze Kaito Jeanne, Cyber Idol Mink, DNAngel (a shoujo magical boy manga you could say ^_^), Fushigi Yuugi, and anything w/ really pretty pictures ^^;;; And apparantly my interests tend to drift here and there, no telling what my next fave will be...

FAVORITE ANIME/MANGA CHARACTERS: Shidou Hikaru, Lantis, Eagle (MKR) Inuyasha, Rin, Sesshoumaru, Kohaku (Inuyasha) Tomoyo, Syaoran (CCS), Subaru (X) Daisuke (DNAngel), there's more but I'm too lazy to type. :P


  • CLAMP: Ahh, CLAMP! Who doesn't know them? I love their illustrations and manga, since it's full of creativity and beautiful artwork!! They are one of the best and my idols!!!! Plus, the CLAMP bishounen are just too cute...^___-

  • Watase Yuu: I really like the way that she draws her eyes *so pretty* I liked it so much that I started drawing in Watase-sensei's style for nearly a year... and now, I think she's influencing me yet again. Which isn't such a bad thing! :P

  • You Higuri: Wow, now this is a mangaka who knows how to draw bishounen! Her color works have such an elegant tone to them, I like her eyes especially (they're kinda Clampish) when she draws her characters smiling... I really hope that she'll become well known in the U.S. sometime, because she's really talented, and needs to be known!! Bwahhahha! ^_^;

  • Aoi Nanase: She has such a cute yet beautiful style! If you've seen her artworks then you know what I mean... and you'll have to agree with me that her artworks are GORGEOUS! Although, she mostly draws gurls though... I wanna see more of her bishounen!! ^^;;

  • Arina Tanemura: The way that Tanemura-sensei draws hair is really amazing!! And she's so young too (only in her early 20's!!) I like her style, it's very bold, pretty, and very, very detailed! Maybe one day, I'll be as good as her.... ^_^;
  • Kouyu Shurei: Her artwork is so very detailed, gothic (I luv goth!), and absoultely beautiful! I love her artwork so much, even though I don't have any of her works.... ^^;; Must get Alchino, must get Alchino, must get Alchino, must get Alchino.........

PERSONALITY: People generally say that I'm really nice. But the people who know me better (aka my friends) think I'm a little crazy and scary. Still, if you ask anybody, they'd tell you that I'm really happy and hyperactive and that I have a very sunny personality. *fufufu*

Dah.... I don't know what else to put.... ^^;;;