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Alice Sakaguchi  
Age: 16 
Past Life: Mokuren 
Keyword: ? 
First Appearance: Ep.1 
First Moon Dream: Ep. 1 
Family: A mother, father and a younger brother 
Loves: Rin/Shion 

Alice is our main character. She's a shy, soft, quiet girl who cries a bit too easily. Alice also has the power to understand animals and plants. She doesn't know why... but if they're (the plants/animals) happy she can feel their happiness. And as Rin puts it, plants and animals just love her.

Alice can be a stubborn person too. She won't believe that she is really Mokuren. She's always dening the fact that she and Mokuren are really the same, despite what Jinpachi and Rin say. Saying, 'One dream, what can one dream prove?' Because she was trying so hard argueing that she wasn't Mokuren, she wouldn't awaken. Perhaps it's because she's trying to 'surpress Mokuren's memories of Shion'... But later on, she will finally awaken.

Ever since she had her first 'Moon Dream' Alice wanted to meet Shion. It's as if she's been waiting her whole life, just to meet him. Alice confesses to Rin about it too.But what she doesn't know is that Shion is in fact right by her!!  It's because she didn't know that Rin was Shion, but thought that he was Shukaido...

And as the series progresses I think she became a stronger person. But that's just my opinion :)

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