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Haruhiko Kazama 
AKA: Haru, 'Shion'
Past life: Shukaido
Keyword: Seeking Paradise in a dream. 
First Appearance: Ep.2
First Moon Dream: Ever since he was 7
Family: Mother and Father
Loves: Mokuren?

Haru is a weak person, both physically and mentally. He cries more than Alice too! But overall he's a pretty nice guy who just has a heart problem. Because of his heart, Haru is only in his last year of Junior High when he should be in his second year of High School.

Haru also has ESP, which mostly he uses to teleport. But whenever he uses his powers, it puts a strain on his heart, and so he can't use them often. And he isn't as powerful as Rin is.

Haru is friends with Mr. Tamura and trusts him a lot. He even told Mr. Tamura about his moon dreams and what he had done in his past life, which later gets him and Mr. Tamura in trouble with a certain little brat... Haru also tells his mom about his moon dreams, but she only knows that he dreams about the moon and a woman named Mokuren.

Ironically Haru looks a lot like Shion. But Haru isn't the reincarnation of Shion but Shukaido! And it's stranger, that even though Shukaido was in love with Mokuren, Haru is not in love with Alice.

Haru was also being blackmailed by Rin. First, Rin wanted his keyword, and then Rin told him to pretend that he was Shion in order to fool everyone else and get Mokuren's keyword. Of course Haru didn't want to do it since his whole life has been guilt-free. But what choice did he have?

Haru had also tried to commit suicide by jumping into a river. Luckily Issei and Sakura were passing by and saved him. Bu perhaps, death might have been easier...

I feel sorry for Haru. He's sorry for what's he has done but Rin still wants revenge. For nine years Shion had to spend his life living in hell because of what Shukaido had done... What's done, has been done though. Should Haru be punished for something done so long ago?

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