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First Appearance: Ep. 6

Lazlo is a 'vida' (bida?) which is a person who guides other people. He lives with his partner Kyaa, in a peaceful house surrounded by a field of flowers. Lazlo is a kind and caring man who acts like a 'father' to Shion.

Unfortunatly Lazlo was killed in an 'accident'. He and Shion had only been able to spend 78 days together. It wasn't enough for Shion and him to completely trust each other, and be like father and son. But those days, however were probulary the most happiest in Shion's childhood.You could see that Shion was beginning to change, but on that fated day...

Lazlo and Kyaa had made a big impact in little Shion's life. Lazlo rocks!!! ^_^ It was just too bad Lazlo couldn't have been able to spend more time with little Shion... ;__; *sniff* Who knows how different Shion would have turned out?

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